How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads?

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May 9, 2019
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Want to learn how to post Foolproof Facebook Ads? Let us have a look at it. Get social validation 100% of the time before you launch a full-blown ad campaign.

You'll be creating a custom Facebook audience that targets your friends... because real friends will support your business even if they're not a customer. Once there are enough likes and comments from your friends, we'll change the audience settings to reach your target customer. Here’s how:

Step #1: Find your friends

Download a copy of your Facebook data export in your Facebook settings.

How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads bamf post

Uncheck all boxes, and then select “Friends”.

facebook ads, How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads?

Make sure the format is set to “JSON” before you download your data. It will take a moment to load, but once it does, you'll get a Facebook notification. It will ask for your password before exporting the file for security purposes.

How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads bamf post

Step #2: Sorting data

Open your data export once it loads. Download the “friends_added.json” file to your computer, then upload to the JSON to CSV converter. Download as a CSV once processed.

Upload the CSV to a new Google spreadsheet (File > Import > Upload). Delete all Columns except for Column A (titled “names”) and freeze the first row (View > Freeze > 1 Row).

How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads bamf post

Step #3: Finding Facebook URLs

Run your Google sheet through PhantomBuster’s Facebook Profile URL Finder. When configuring the tool, make sure you allow editors on your Google spreadsheet.

How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads bamf post

Download your results and upload the CSV to a new Google sheet in your workbook. Label this new worksheet “Facebook URL”.

How to post Foolproof Facebook Ads bamf post

Step #4: Turning URLs into Facebook IDs

Duplicate the “Facebook URL” sheet and rename it to “Facebook ID”. Make sure the “Facebook ID” sheet is listed first in the workbook and run it through PhantomBuster’s Facebook ID Finder. Download your results and upload the CSV to a new Google sheet in your workbook. Label this new worksheet “Facebook URL”.

Step #5: Create your custom Facebook audience

Create a custom Face.

This is it!!!

Surprise!!! I love giving surprises and I am in the mood to surprise you right now. So here is an add-on to the post. Hush Hush....

A Simple Trick to Increase Attendance

I was facing some issues with attendance. Let me share the complete story. Two weeks ago, I RSVP'd to an interesting event that I saw on my news feed. After a few hours, I got a personal message from Michael Kilcoyne, the host of the event.

The message was just a video of him personally thanking me for RSVP'ing and encouraging me to invite tons of friends.

He filmed it on his iPhone while walking down the street. It took him 15 seconds to film and send it to me.

I've never received a message like this before! Especially, from someone I've never met in person.

But I immediately was psyched that Michael went out of his way to reach out personally.

I was also impressed that he put this much effort and care into his event.

Now I know at least one person who will be at the event and have a personal connection to the host.

Easy conversation starter.

So today I started doing the same thing with people who were engaging with my startup's blog posts.

I messaged them each a 15-second video. I thanked them for engaging with our content and offering a personal coupon code to check out our product.

90% of the people that I reached out to, responded within a few hours. They thanked me for the kind offer, and not only joined our newsletter, but also signed up for the free trial.

People love a personal connection to the founders. Especially, when you can stand out from all of the noise and allow them to get a taste of your personality.

Did you like the surprise? If yes, don't forget to mention it in the comments :).

Click this link to learn more about Growth Hacking and Lead Generation:

The Growth Hacker Way to Become a Content Marketing Thought Leader

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