How to Extract All the Emails from Your Facebook Friends

Step 1: Create a Yahoo Account Why Yahoo? Isn’t that so 2012? This old platform works in our favor because they had a deal to sync your Yahoo connections with your Facebook profile. It only takes a second to create your profile, then another to click on the address book in the top right-hand corner.

Step 2: Import Facebook contacts

Once you click on the address book, you’ll have the option to import your contacts. Click on the button. Now you have the option to import your contacts from Facebook. Once your Facebook friends’ emails are imported, it’s almost impossible to scrape them. Yahoo knows what you’re doing and makes it a huge pain to access this data. That’s why we created a Chrome extension to extract all these people.

Step 3: Growth hack it

To get the Chrome extension, click here to access the Zip file. Then download it and open the folder in your extensions area by going to “More Tools,” then click on Extensions. When you’re here, turn on Developer mode. Next, click Load unpacked extension. Now when you login to your Yahoo account, you’ll have a Download Contacts CSV button on the bottom-left corner. Click the blue “Download Contacts CSV.” You’ll now have almost your entire list of your Facebook friends’ emails. Plug this list into Facebook as a custom audience to start running ads to them. How easy was that?