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Just blocks from the beach, this open and airy Los Angeles office space has a relaxed atmosphere that you’d expect. But don’t let its chill vibe fool you, these three floors of dynamic coworking space and are also home to an energetic community of marketers and founders that finds the perfect balance between work and play.

Featured Programs

We offer a range of coworking packages and benefits to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a desk to get sh*t done for the day, the month, or you’re looking for multiple desks for your growing team, your looking for a desk with hands on growth training to accelerate your business, or your looking to host an event here in Venice at BAMF HQ. We’ve got you covered.


Are you looking for more than a desk? Do you want a place to call home but also a place to grow?

The BAMF Accelerator program is the ultimate combination of Coworking + Academy + Agency

You’ll get full access to all of our growth marketing training content through the Academy. 

You’ll get hands-on growth strategy and LinkedIn automation set up with on-going support from our team on how to optimize and achieve your goals over time. 

Oh yeah, and you get a dedicated desk and free access to all of our exclusive networking events! 


Membership fee: $1,999/mo 

TIER 2: Without Agency Support

Membership fee: $999/mo 


BAMF regularly opens its doors for local startups and organizations of all kinds to utilize our prime location and beautiful space for their own private events. 

We love hosting for other startups as well as other founders and marketers related organizations, but shoot us a note and we’ll see if it’s a good fit.  



We get it… Working from home, all alone, day after day… it’s not ideal for productivity or personal growth. That’s why we’ve opened our doors to invite local founders, marketers, consultants, coders, creatives, and anyone looking to grow their startup, personal business, or just level up their skills. 

Working half a block from the beach and enjoying rooftop with 360 views of the ocean and mountains and downtown LA is not too bad either. 

Membership fee: $499/mo 


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“Because I’m an entrepreneur without a permanent office space, I’m a habitual visitor of coworking places to get my work done. With that being said, I’ve been to quite a few and can honestly say that BAMF Media has something special. Maybe it’s because it’s only a couple of blocks from companies like Google. Or, maybe it’s because the founder was busy, but still made it a point to introduce himself to me and the guest I arrived with. It’s hard to say. But, I do know that the WiFi was fast, their staff worked to accommodate my needs, and that I’ll definitely be back. On top of that, you really can’t beat the fact that you can work for a couple of hours and then WALK to the beach and recharge yourself before you dive back into your work.”

“I love how open and bright this place is.

It gets a lot of natural light, creating a great balance between reminding you, you are right by the beach and letting you focus and be productive. When I needed a break, I just walked out of the door.

The chairs and desks are ergonomics, this is a must for me as I work on my computer for long hours.

Tasha at the front desk was phenomenal. The energy of the place is very laid back. I plan to go back regularly as live close by but I don’t have the ergonomic desk and chair at home.”





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