Use Facebook Live Stream with a Call to Action

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Use Facebook Live Stream with a Call to Action

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Written by Houston Golden
February 25, 2017
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Have you started using Facebook Live?

If not, you’re missing out on many early adopter benefits. When you go live on your profile, it notifies all your friends. If you go live in a Facebook Event or Facebook Group, it notifies all the attendees and members. Talk about engagement!

Because Facebook Live provides real-time interaction with video, it’s one of the best mediums to develop you know, like, and trust factor. If you use it, you’ll have a distinct advantage to building relationships on Facebook because you’ll present a more genuine aspect of your life and exemplify yourself an early adopter.

These videos don’t just stay on Facebook. You can link to these videos in your email by clicking on the date of the post and taking the URL, or you can embed these live streams in your blog posts.

It gets even better; you can insert a call-to-action in your Facebook Live video as a Pinned Comment. In the example below, I pin a link to a landing page to collect emails:

BAMF Use Facebook Live Stream Article Image

You can also use a Pinned Comment to include video notes for later viewers. This includes marking specific times when important things were said or done.

If you want to take your call-to-action to the next level, then you need the software OBS (open broadcast software). With OBS, you can create epic overlays like the past founder of Elite Daily, Gerard Adams does:

BAMF Use Facebook Live Stream Article Image 2

OBS software requires you to set up an API Key, but no worries it’s not complicated, and there’s no coding. You’ll want to read the guide OBS has to help you get up and running with your Facebook API Key.

How else can you use Facebook Live?

You can interview others on separate screens similar to Skype. In this example below, I’m interviewing the founder of Jamocha Media, Mehak Vohra:

BAMF Use Facebook Live Stream Article Image

When I begin talking, I get moved to full screen. Cool, right? Now you can conduct live interviews on Facebook across the world! To do this, you’ll need the BlueJeans software. Here’s how you set it up.

  1. Schedule an Event
  2. Add a Presenter by email (person you’re interviewing)
  3. Click Start Event

BAMF Use Facebook Live Stream Article

Click the microphone and video in the top right corner to ensure your sound and screen appear when you go live. Then, click “Broadcast Off” to turn it on. Next, you’ll see a pop-up asking you where you want to broadcast on Facebook. You can choose a Facebook Group, Facebook Fan Page, or profile.

BAMF Use Facebook Live Stream Article Image

If you want to have an engaging video, there are few tips to keep in mind.

  1. You want to have high energy levels.
  2. You want to keep the viewer guessing at what will happen next
  3. Provide how-to, inspirational, remarkable, and funny content (if there’s no benefit, then no one will watch)


If you’re not sure where to live stream, remember people love the authentic video. So, even your office background will do. Plus, a natural backdrop feels spontaneous rather than an artificial setup.

If you’re not using Facebook Live to engage your audience, then test it out. The barrier to entry is zero. You don’t even need to purchase a tool! This a growth tactic you should put at the top of your list, especially if you run a Facebook Group and regularly hold Facebook Events.

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