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We've got some good news, and some bad news.
The bad news: unfortunately we require higher budgets for our ‘done for you’ services. If you do want more information on our pricing, you can check here:

The good news: we offer ‘do it yourself’ products that will help you achieve the same results! 

Our books are the most highly rated LinkedIn books ever... seriously! 

We literally give away all the templates and strategies that w use for our own LinkedIn Influencer clients. 

Something to look forward to... We are releasing The LinkedIn Influencer Academy in the next 2 months, so stay tuned! 

In the meantime, you can always start with the FREE book, The LinkedIn Community Bible, which is 630+ pages of epic growth guides from our community. You just have to join our Facebook group to get access. Click here to get your free book:

We post valuable resources in our group and on our BAMF blog almost daily. You can check that out here:

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The LinkedIn Bible Collection

The LinkedIn Bible Collection by BAMF - 5 books (1600+ pages) of proven LinkedIn growth hacks FREE | Product Hunt Embed
LinkedIn Bible

The Linkedin Bible

Jam-packed with industry-leading growth hacking tricks and highly effective marketing strategies, this handy resource is designed to 10x your brand growth and grow your revenue, fast.
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LinkedIn Bible Handbook

The Linkedin Bible Handbook

Designed to help you lead with your best face forward, this book is the perfect way to optimize everything on your LinkedIn profile and drive more qualified leads without the guesswork.
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LinkedIn Community Bible

The Linkedin Community Bible

A collection of the very best tips and tricks that our community of LinkedIn experts swears by—hundreds of proven tactics that work. You won’t find this stuff on Google, we promise.
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The LinkedIn Bible

The LinkedIn Outreach & Content Bibles

Two giant books with one promise: To be the ultimate LinkedIn lead generation and through leadership shortcut for your business. Chock to the brim with easy outreach and content templates.
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