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3 Ways To Build A Community On LinkedIn
August 15, 2019

Before discussing LinkedIn, let us discuss "Community". It is something all thought leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs need to be investing in. Without community, you’re an island — isolated in your effort to build wealth and influence.

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3 Ways to Growth Hack LinkedIn Engagement & Traffic
July 25, 2019

At BAMF Media, we do things differently.
We built our own in-house tools to extract those who engage with posts. If you're looking to do the same, know that it's relatively inexpensive to outsource via Upwork or Freelancer, especially if you're only asking for a script.

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Adding 1,500 People to LinkedIn Network in Ten Minutes
July 7, 2019

How I Added 1,500 People to My LinkedIn Network in Ten Minutes.

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A Simple LinkedIn Hack to Drive Traffic without Penalizing Your Posts
May 11, 2019

Did you know you can send a wave of traffic from a LinkedIn status to any destination?
The best part: without getting penalized for using an external link (e.g. a link that takes you off of LinkedIn).

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How to Automate a LinkedIn Profile and Build a Facebook Group To Reduce CAC
May 10, 2019

What if I told you could automate the growth of a Facebook Group using LinkedIn?
Even the process of acquiring customers?

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Automating Your LinkedIn Outreach For Event Signups & Engagement
February 23, 2019

Imagine if you viewed 500 targeted profiles/day to encourage people to view yours.
And what if you could be hyper-specific with targeting enabling you only to interact with employees, customers, and evangelists of competitors?
Without any work, you’d gain new connections, business introductions, and inbound leads. With LinkedIn automation, you can do just that.

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How to Import Connections From LinkedIn Connections
October 8, 2017

Have a co-founder? Or several other people on your sales team? Make good use of LinkedIn connections! Import each other's connections by using your email addresses. Go to My Network, then click on More options.

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