Something About Warming The Cold Leads

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Written by Houston Golden
April 28, 2019
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Warming the cold leads is exciting!

Today I got asked how to send cold leads/emails in bulk to a bought mailing list.....this topic is going to throw up some controversy but if you can't break something to risk some things it's not worth it in my opinion.

What do you do if you've got a mailing list of 50k? I had this problem earlier this month that I luckily managed to solve. I bought a 50k mailing list to test and run some experiments on. First of all, it was a relevant list of people interested in technology and gadgets, not a hair and beauty list which would be pointless to buy if you're selling technology.

If you try and send 50k emails first through anywhere you'll get blacklisted. You could try asking someone else to do it for you on places like Up work but they could steal the data and spam it themselves till it becomes useless.

So I went on a path of discovery trying to work out the best way and this is what I found:
  1. You'll need to verify these emails, I'm talking about not just confirming the source you bought them from but to individually run them through spam filters and to see if the emails are active.

If you have a number of emails that no longer exist and the place you're using to send them gets a whiff you'll get blacklisted.

You need to use a tool called emaillistverify (google it) this will run all the emails you have and check that they are real + don't have any spam-traps.

  1. You'll have to warm these people point just sending a cold email. Pull the emails into Facebook using a custom audience and run brand awareness campaigns. Run these at the audience you imported for about 2 weeks. You can also import them into Google and run a campaign of display ads.
  2. Send them an email. Send emails in batches.....send 500 - 1000 a day. You can also split the emails up into lists, if you have 20 different lists it won't look as obvious. The first email should explain what you're product is in one line (this should be in-line with the brand awareness campaign you ran) . Don't use CAPS.

After doing this you should see you won't get as many people unsubscribing or you get black listed.


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