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Written by Houston Golden
February 23, 2017
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How do you increase your leads without changing your traffic channels and simplify your marketing?

The education company, Praxis, increased their captured leads by 1000% and double their customers in Q/4 of 2016 by focusing on design.

Praxis rebuilt their website entirely following one operating principle: simplicity. Their previous website gave too much info and too many options for visitors.

They eliminated their about page, mission info, full program guide, and put everything on the homepage. They also concretized their product offering and simplified the language. Even though they're a service, they "productized" as much as possible.

Here’s a fresh look at part of their new layout where they took the information from three separate pages and put it into one homepage fold:

marketing, Simplify Your Marketing

Now Praxis only has options on the site:
1) Download an info PDF
2) Fill out an application to our program
3) Read our blog
4) Schedule a call

“People regularly tell us our site is too simple. We know. We like that. Too many options distracts people. Lesson learned: the customer doesn't want what they say they want always. They want the feeling that thing will give them -- it's our job to know how to give them that feeling.” - Derek Magill, VP of Marketing at Praxis

They simplified the sales process even more, by designing a sales flow that went straight to a phone call.

Derek continued to say,
“We cut most marketing activities and started doing personal calls with captured leads. Our sell cycle dropped from by about 500% and we were able to double our existing customers. More importantly, we reduced declines and withdrawals dramatically in the process, an unexpected bonus.

Now we're at a point where we're ready to start working on traffic again and more traditional marketing activities.
I have no doubt we wouldn't have been successful if we'd focused on traffic and marketing first.”
Ask yourself: “Can I say more in less words with website’s design?”
If so, it’s time to give your website a fresh look.


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