Growth Hacking:

B2B Growth Hacking



We gave away many of our strategies for B2B growth hacking in the BAMF Bibles, but fortunately for our clients, we saved the best ones for them.

B2B Growth hacking is what we hang our hat on, its what we are known for, and its why people come to us to grow their businesses.

Our most popular strategy utilizes a combination of LinkedIn outreach, email, data enrichment, and social media advertising that are all designed to fill up your sales team’s calendars before they get to work in the morning.


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Our Goals

Build the business development pipeline by targeting ideal prospects through personalized outreach at scale


Hit weekly and monthly KPIs of scheduled calls with leads interested in working with you

Combine email and LinkedIn prospecting with the BAMF program to become a B2B growth hacking powerhouse

Monthly Deliverables


Send PR emails with 3-stage reply automation sequences via Gmail with the goal of attaining up to 20-50 warm / hot leads per month


Perform Gmail inbox management via PR opportunity filtering and lead scoring


Conduct weekly calls discussing activities, results, trends, next emails, etc.