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Our LinkedIn "Secret Sauce" for massive visibility...

Our proven system can turn anyone into a LinkedIn influencer in 90 days or less. We were among the first to use psychological growth hacks to build an audience on LinkedIn, and our approach has become a worldwide industry standard. If someone’s posts keep showing up in your LinkedIn feed, they’re probably using techniques we pioneered years ago.

Build your brand

build your brand
We’ll strengthen your brand on LinkedIn with personalized, psychologically optimized content. Going viral is never guaranteed, but there’s a formula for getting noticed on LinkedIn... and we created it.

You’ll get more business opportunities when you’re more visible and influential on the world’s largest B2B social network.

Get more leads

get leads
Visibility doesn’t mean anything if it can’t drive new revenue to your business. Our hyper-targeted conversational approach to lead generation works for any business with potential customers on LinkedIn.

We’ll turn LinkedIn into a reliable and fully hands-off lead generation engine for you.

What makes our growth marketing so badass for hundreds of businesses?

It’s our proven process for generating and converting leads, of course.

Allowing us to help you tap into the minds of your prospects and make them act.

It breaks down like this:

So, we’ve all heard of “Inception”... right?

Seeding an idea so deeply in someone’s mind that they think they’ve come up with it on their own.

Sales Inception is like that, but better for your business.

Our Sales Inception process uses optimized LinkedIn content to entice your prospects to contact you first — and they’ll think it was their idea all along!

It’s the opposite of the typical desperate, annoying, spammy DMs and emails most businesses use to make contact with their prospects.

By leading with value and engaging LinkedIn users on their own terms, you’ll have people lining up to work with you before you make a single phone call.

Click HERE to learn more about Sales Inception

The Linkedin Influencer Program

Build your brand, get noticed, and become an industry leader. Get started today with the proven BAMF system that turns LinkedIn into a revenue engine for your business.

Are you ready to get noticed on LinkedIn?

Consistent growth (LinkedIn followers)
LinkedIn profile optimization
Automated LinkedIn lead generation

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Become a LinkedIn Badass with BAMF

You may have seen us around...

The BAMF Book Collection

LinkedIn Bible

The Linkedin Bible

Jam-packed with industry-leading growth hacking tricks and highly effective marketing strategies, this handy resource is designed to 10x your brand growth and grow your revenue, fast.
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LinkedIn Bible Handbook

The Linkedin Bible Handbook

Designed to help you lead with your best face forward, this book is the perfect way to optimize everything on your LinkedIn profile and drive more qualified leads without the guesswork.
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LinkedIn Community Bible

The Linkedin Community Bible

A collection of the very best tips and tricks that our community of LinkedIn experts swears by—hundreds of proven tactics that work. You won’t find this stuff on Google, we promise.
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The LinkedIn Bible

The LinkedIn Outreach & Content Bibles

Two giant books with one promise: To be the ultimate LinkedIn lead generation shortcut for your business. Chock to the brim with connection and follow-up message templates so you can grow quickly and acquire ready-to-close leads at scale.
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LinkedIn Bible

We are Badass Marketers and Founders.

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Our results speak for themselves.

They know how to strike an emotional chord-- my first post they wrote got 50X more views and engagement than anything I'd posted before. Highly recommend BAMF to any professional who wants to put rocket fuel on their personal brand or get press through LinkedIn.
Vishen Lakhiani
Founder & CEO, Mindvalley
They are at the forefront of growth marketing-- especially with their LinkedIn Influencer program, which has been so disruptive to the platform.

It's crazy to see how much traction they get for their clients on a consistent basis.
Eric Siu
CEO, SingleGrain, MarketingSchool, & ClickFlow | BAMF Advisor
BAMF is the best digital agency / media company in the world.

 If you do not believe me then contact them and see for yourself. 

And, if you’re the competition, then start running for the hills…. they will crush you!
Steve O'Dell
Co-Founder & CEO, Tenzo Tea
We’ve been at this for 4 years, working with big ad agencies to really smart PhD digital marketers, and so far BAMF is the only group that’s driven ROI in digital marketing for us.

Growth hacking is a new industry and a new wave where they are the old hats.
Nick Black
Founder & CEO, Good United
BAMF is a small but powerful team. 

When I needed a full-service agency to launch my new brand, BEAR, and blow our crowdfunding campaign out of the water-- one of my advisors recommend I get in touch with Houston.
Max Baumann
Founder & CEO, JustChill, BEAR, & Basemakers | BAMF Advisor
Houston has a very unique expertise. He has mastered lead generation, and uses unique and innovative techniques to do this.

Would highly recommend him, if you need a lead generation / marketing guru.
Ron Miller
Chairman of the Board, StartEngine

BAMF Leads

We’ve assembled our entire suite of growth marketing tools into a do-it-yourself cloud service:

Get your prospects’ emails with only name and/or company details

Leads from new domains registered daily

Unlimited email campaign volume!

Social proof widget for your website

Extract B2B emails from social media

Enriched data for hard-to-find emails

6 growth hacking tools
only $99 per month!

BAMF Leads is the same suite of marketing software we use to help our clients. It’s designed to quickly and effectively gather leads and generate more revenue, and it’s now available, without limits, for only $99 per month!

Start your free trial now
Bamf Leads


Get the latest scoop on our growth hacks to help you and your business generate more new revenue.

Our Growth Hacking Process:



First, we’ll hone in on your unique value proposition, target vertical, and market. This way, we’ll get a crystal clear idea of who your prospects are, and the best way to reach them.


Next, we’ll create smart, tested, and high-ROI growth marketing campaigns that work. Our goal? To hit the ground running and get you the quickest wins that truly move the needle.


Then, we’ll run data-driven conversion experiments to boost the effectiveness of all acquisition campaigns — hyper-focusing on driving user acquisition costs down and LTV up.


Once we’re all dialed in, it’s time to scale these campaigns to the moon. We’ll double down on initiatives that work to get you that oh-so-juicy ROI. Being a business badass has never been this easy.

We’ve driven pretty badass results

Our clients have amassed over 350 million organic views to date, and have generated over tens of millions in new revenue with our help.

Because, really… helping business owners is what I’m all about.

I started BAMF to help others achieve the same results I enjoyed from my own personal LinkedIn efforts.

In fact, I was so successful at generating organic interest on LinkedIn that I’ve been profiled in publications such as Forbes, BuzzFeed, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, and more.

Our innovative approach to LinkedIn content creation has been so effective, it’s practically put our lead generation on autopilot.

BAMF grew into a multi-million dollar agency in a matter of months, using little more than the same LinkedIn growth hacks you can learn for free in my LinkedIn Bible guide.

Whether it’s done-for-you or do-it-yourself...

The BAMF system executes proven LinkedIn growth processes, transforming our clients into influencers and their businesses into growth engines.

I’ve used it myself. I’ve used it to help hundreds of other entrepreneurs. 

Now I’d like to help you, too.

Just reach out to me and we can get started.

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