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The Appropriate Meetup Scraper Guide

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Written by Houston Golden
March 23, 2017
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Why Speaking Matters

  1. It builds your know, like, and trust factor.
  2. Helps you acquire customers and clients.
  3. Creates thought leadership.

Landing speaking opportunities manually take a painful amount of time.

We built a scraper to find relevant Meetups to make it easier.

Only three simple steps. You don’t even need to know how to code. Just follow along! We will:

  • Download some code
  • Open the terminal ( on mac )
  • And enter the keyword we want to search!

Step 1: Download the code

Go to: https://github.com/dominickmalzone/meetup-scraper BAMF The Appropriate Meetup Scraper Guide Article Image

Step 2: Get to the program via your terminal

  • Open Terminal (on mac).
  • Navigate to your downloads and cd into the scraper folder.
  • Mine looked like this: cd Downloads/meetup-scraper-master.

BAMF The Appropriate Meetup Scraper Guide Article Image Notes: cd is a terminal command that lets you change folders, AKA Change Directory. This is the techy way of clicking folders in finder!

Step 3: Install a python package

  • This assumes you have python installed (All macs usually do, type which python in your terminal to check!).
  • Download the scraping magic! In terminal, type: sudo easy_install beautifulsoup4 
  • Boom! We’re ready to start scraping.

If you want to use pip, “pip install beautifulsoup4”

Step 4: Run Scraper!

  • Fire it up! Type: python scrape.py.
  • Enter the keyword you want to scrape.
  • Retrieve the CSV of results in your current directory!

BAMF The Appropriate Meetup Scraper Guide Article Image

How to reach out

I’m an event organizer and it’s not easy finding good speakers. If you solve my problem, have the chops, and send me something like this, 9/10 times I will respond. Growth Hack: -You can use the Mail Merge feature (YesWare, MixMax, etc) to send many emails at once. If you can’t find their email, they have a VA send this message via Meetup. BAMF The Appropriate Meetup Scraper Guide Article Image

"Knowledge bombs are only bombs if you light them” Josh Fechter

BAMF The Appropriate Meetup Scraper Guide Article Image Thanks for hopping on. Peace.

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