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Houston Golden
Founder & CEO of BAMF Media | Growth Marketing Agency

2w • edited

Everyone doubted us.

They said it couldn’t be done.

Then, we raised $500K from Randy Adams.

In the darkest moments, when I was tempted to believe what the doubters were telling me…

I was lucky to have Hannah Collings and Brian Lovelace

Always there to remind me why we started,

Always at my side to lite the midnight oil.

Our mission is simple: to empower 1 million founders that will change the world.

Don’t trust the haters.

Go with your gut.

Set your sight at the top of the mountain.

And don’t stop climbing,

Don’t look back,

Until you see your next mountain past the horizon.

I refused to sell my company for $10M.

A year later, I still don't regret it.

One of our clients was a publicly traded company.

They pulled me aside at a meeting

"We'llacquire BAMF for $10M. What do you say?"

A pile of money like that was tempting.

But without flinching, I declined.

Everyone thought I was crazy.

But being an entrepreneur isn’t about the money.

It’s about the legacy.

I’m determined to .build a culture and a community

My vision is to empower a million founders and start a movement

Not just a company.

Today, BAMF Media is still growing

And we’re expanding our impact every day.

I don’t regret refusing to sell.

Because $10M is a small price to pay.

If you want tochange the world..

How I founded a multimillion-dollar agency in less than a year:

Step 1: Quit job

Step 2: Convince another fool to join you

Step 3: Rent an office you can’t afford

Step 4: Lose all your money in the first month

Step 5: Realize none of your friends care

Step 6: Get all your accounts hacked by a previous coworker

Step 7: Land one client that barely covers rent

Step 8: Keep paying yourself nothing

Step 9: Make sure to drink all the free beer in the coworking space to survive

Step 10: Turn the client into a believer who refers two more clients

Step 11: Hire your first paid intern

Step 12: Change everything about the business

Step 13: Realize that nothing you do is certain to work out

Step 14: Something works out

Step 15: Double down on it

Step 16: Profit

Step 17: Write viral rags to riches LinkedIn posts

Step 18: Ignore the haters

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