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"Be relevant and admired by your target audience and have people you've dreamed of working with reach out to you." 

Lauren Griewski

Founder of SOUL Expressed 

(former Facebook executive)

Our Promise

Generating 100,000+ views on your content every month guaranteed and becoming an industry thought leader without lifting a finger.

How BAMF Will Transform You Into A LinkedIn Growth Machine...

Optimize Your Profile

Grow Audience & Pipeline

Nurture & Manage Leads

Build Authority With Content

We start by optimizing your profile to position you as an industry influencer and improve presence


We build your ideal audience through targeted personalized outreach at scale to spark authentic conversations and book calls with potential clients, press, and investors.


Post authentic valuable viral content to position yourself as an industry influencer and attract inbound leads. We get you 100,000+ organic post views per month, guaranteed.



Our proprietary LinkedIn Management CRM™️ system tracks all important conversations, and our team of growth managers and virtual assistants respond to all hot/warm leads with pre-approved templates.

*Limited Seats Available*

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BAMF Influencers

Trusted by 100's of recently funded startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Martha Mendizabal

Founder of 


Ben Lee

Founder of Rootstrap

Kevin Hagan

Founder of 

Thrive Impact

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley

Lauren Griewski

Founder of 

SOUL Expressed

Danielle Thompson

Founder of Freelance Travel Network

Johnny Reinsch

Co-Founder of 


...and many more!


Yeah, we got 'em.

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  • Our step-by-step content framework, which we use to guarantee you 100,000+ organic views per month on your content
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Imagine the Impact of...

Connecting to the people you’ve dreamed of networking with for years and having them reaching out to you.

Imagine waking up every day to an overflow of messages and notifications from leads in your LinkedIn Inbox.

Make money, grow your client base and revenue, and be relevant and admired by your target audience.

*Limited Seats Available*

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