Use These Seven LinkedIn Growth Hacks to Generate More Leads

What changed? I stylized my posts for mobile. I posted almost every day. Wrote excellent copy. That took me from 1,500 – 27,000 followers. Then I honed how to direct this flow of engagement to our website. And, most importantly, how to turn this engagement into leads. In the process, I figured how I could drive over ten thousand visits from LinkedIn to our company’s website every week. I also nailed down a lead collection process. Here are the seven tips and strategies that made this happen:

1. Drive Traffic to Your Company’s Landing Page

Want to know how I gained 1,500 followers on BAMF Media’s LinkedIn page and sent 3,000 visitors to our site? I used one of my many viral LinkedIn outlines from our BASH community. I tagged my page in the post after I had optimized it for conversions. Ignore the scrape buttons, that’s part of a custom tool we have for our BASH community. In three days, I had 2,000 more followers. Look at this traffic another way; I sent upwards to 20,000 visits to my LinkedIn company landing page. That’s HUGE. All from one status post.
That’s right. Not a blog post. A 1300-character status post. Here’s the catch: It’s all worthless unless your page is optimized: I make sure to provide the benefit, how-to of getting their desired result, and several places to get in touch with us. Most importantly, I space out the text to make it mobile optimized. THIS is why we get half our leads from LinkedIn. It’s the small details that count.  

2. Lead Your Best Articles Back to Your Site

LinkedIn loves how-to content about LinkedIn (how meta). And they love story-oriented content about the workplace. With how-to content, I always leave the second half of the article on my website. In this case, I wrote an article with eleven tips to gain a following on LinkedIn. I included the first five in the piece, then had a link to view the last six on my blog. This way I can capture my readers in a Facebook re-marketing audience to run ads to them. This piece drove almost five hundred visitors to my website over the span of a week. Impressive!  

3. Use the ManyChat Integration with Zapier 

You need to be capturing your audience on Messenger and email. It’s not one or the other. You need both. Our Messenger list has of over 6,000 subscribers and is more active than a 30,000-person email list. Yes, you heard that right. No longer do you need two call-to-actions because – as of this week ¬†– y0u can integrate ManyChat, a popular Messenger subscriber platform, with Zapier. “This gives you unlimited opportunities for using our Messenger marketing platform together with your favorite CRM and email marketing services:
  • Add a lead in your CRM when you get a new subscriber in ManyChat.
  • Ask a subscriber for an email / phone number inside the bot and add it to your email marketing service / CRM.
  • Register subscribers to a webinar with 1 tap.” – ManyChat’s official update
To do this, you need to create a custom field in ManyChat for emails and numbers. Then you use Zapier to hook it up to your favorite marketing automation platform. Mine is Autopilot. Now I can send emails and text messages to many of my Messenger subscribers. Why is building your list relevant to LinkedIn? A single LinkedIn status can drive over several hundred subscribers: Enough of these statuses over a year can build you a 10,000-person Messenger list!  

4. Build a Custom Tool like the LinkedIn Auto-Connector

We recently updated our custom LinkedIn auto-connector tool to sync with different merge fields. As a result, we can send out personalized connections at scale. For example, “Hey {{first_name}}, Checked out {{last_company}} and noticed you were hiring for a {{job_name}} and wanted to talk about how I can help.” The best part: Anyone can create a tool like this. We spent several hundred dollars on the freelancing site, Upwork, to outsource the development work. It took him one week to finish it. Note: This tool is only available for our BASH community.  

5. Skip Your Prospect’s Gatekeeper

At BAMF Media, we’re a relationship building agency. Rather than send out a thousand cold emails, we offer to write about or interview our prospects. “I’d love to feature your professional story on our blog.” “Do you have time to jump on my podcast with several thousand listeners?” By playing to their ego, we get an insane response rate. We only aim for the top five percent of the market because the response rate is so high. This way we can develop enough rapport to get the employee on our side before they talk to their higher-up about our services. And we get the benefit of having excellent content worth distributing.  

6. Use LinkedIn to Show Company Appreciation

This is an easy win everyone can do. LinkedIn professionals love when you appreciate your company employees and partners. It’s a sign of true leadership. This draws lots of positive engagement and leads. Why? It’s rarely done on LinkedIn even though everyone knows you should do it. Plus, your employee or partner who’s tagged will appreciate the nice call out. And they’ll receive a flood of connection requests their way. Appreciation statuses are the first step every company should encourage when building a culture using social media.  

7. Use a Custom Landing Page for LinkedIn Traffic

I love linking to landing pages where there’s more personalization. Whenever I link to our membership program on LinkedIn, I add a note at the top which recognizes where they’re coming from. This increases our conversion rates by a small percentage. Most importantly, it makes us memorable.  

Start Writing with this One Post

You won’t see any of the benefits if you don’t start writing. Write a post today appreciating a co-worker or partner. It’s the first and easiest step to building relationships on LinkedIn. Remember, relationships are the key to selling. Without them, your website and brand presence are on island no one is visiting – like Cast Away. So take your barriers down by writing an appreciation post to build a bridge. And you too can drive thousands of visitors from LinkedIn every month.  ]]>

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