Interact with a Competitor’s Instagram Fans using Automation

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Written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
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Imagine if you could interact with hundreds of your competitor’s fans on Instagram every day.

By combining the tools Audiense and Instagress you can do just that. I used this guide to build a $200,000/year sales funnel in less than three months using seven Instagram profiles.

In short, automating your Instagram account is one of the fastest ways to build an audience of highly targeted prospects.

There are few better growth tactics for attracting high fan base engagement, link click-throughs, leads, and conversions.

If you were looking for an automated way to grow your business, then this is the guide for you.

To get high-level results, you have to know the top people in your industry on Instagram.

You can search for industry influencers using the social discovery and interaction tool, Audiense.

To start the search process, click Target, then Discover new Instagram Users:

Instagram, Interact with a Competitor’s Instagram Fans using Automation

You want to filter the results. I suggest something similar to the filters I have set below.

You can also choose whether the profile belongs to a person or a company.

You can also search by bio keywords and even plug-in words such as “gmail” to find influencers who do paid and cross-promotion.

BAMF Interact with a Competitor’s Instagram Fans Article Image

Once you have a list of influencers, it’s time to automate your interaction with their profiles using Instagress.

The Instagress Magic

Ensure to set a max likes filter between 60 - 90. This ensures you’re interacting with people who are more likely to notice your Like.

Keep your “User profile filter” at the level Medium and a “Max followers filter” at around 700.

Again, this ensures the people you’re interacting with are real and will notice your engagement.

Also, set the “Media age” to 2 Weeks. This way your automated interactions don’t look spammy and are only used on content the followers has a stronger emotional tie to.

BAMF Interact with a Competitor’s Instagram Fans Article Image

Now, you want to set the appropriate targeting. I set the people who I follow as those who follow the industry influencers I discovered by selecting Usernames as Followings.

Then, I select Usernames’ Posts for Likers and Commenters. This ensures I only engage with active Instagram users because they’re liking and commenting on the influencers’ posts.

BAMF Interact with a Competitor’s Instagram Fans Article Image
Time to input the usernames
BAMF Interact with a Competitor’s Instagram Fans Article Image

Next, we need to set automated comments for interacting with the followers of influencers.

Because people love their Instagram profile and tend to post random pictures, we optimize comments accordingly.

For example, having an automated comment of “that’s cool” on a baby picture is not cool.

So, use comments that reflect their overall love for their profile such as “awesome profile,” “nice profile,” “great photos,” and “cool photos.” You should have, at least, nine comments you interchange among.

Also, ensure you don’t comment on the same users! Posting the same comment over and again on a user’s profile screams spam.

BAMF Interact with a Competitor’s Instagram Fans Article Image

For the last part, we need to implement a speed at which the auto-commenting and auto-liking will take place.

I recommend working your way up with the speed settings Instagress provides (Slow, Normal, Fast) before having a custom speed as seen below:

BAMF Interact with a Competitor’s Instagram Fans Article Image

Once you have all your settings in order, you can begin automating your follows, unfollows, likes, and comments with your competitor’s fans at a fast pace.

Instagram automation is one of the fastest ways to gain a following, build your email list, and convert fans into customers.

And once your Instagram automation is set up, you never have to look at it again!

This makes it one of the most powerful growth tactics for growing your brand and generating traction.

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