How to Import Connections From LinkedIn Connections

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Written by Houston Golden
October 8, 2017
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Have a co-founder? Or several other people on your sales team? Make good use of LinkedIn connections! Import each other's connections by using your email addresses. Go to My Network, then click on More options. BAMF How to Import Connections From LinkedIn Connections Article Image You’ll see an interface where you can plug in your email.  Don’t do that. It rarely - if ever - works. Instead, click on the Gmail icon and log-in with your co-worker's email address. BAMF How to Import Connections From LinkedIn Connections Article Image This will prompt you to connect with hundreds and possibly thousands of individuals. Click Add connections. This sends connection requests to all of these people. You can filter them beforehand to add only people with specific job titles. BAMF How to Import Connections From LinkedIn Connections Article Image The screen will prompt you again to send connection requests to people. Use this opportunity as a great excuse to show up in someone’s email feed organically because LinkedIn’s promoting it. However, these people are less targeted because you can’t readily filter them by job title. BAMF How to Import Connections From LinkedIn Connections Article Image In a couple of minutes, you’ve added possibly thousands of new connections to your LinkedIn network - boom! It takes 6 - 8 touches to generate a viable sales lead. By having different people from the same company produce content in front of the same audience, it hits the number of touch points faster. Moreover, it provides social validation to how active your company is on social.

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