How To Be a Linkedin Top Voice (And, Get the Blue Badge!)

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Being a LinkedIn Top Voice.

Now that's the dream.

Not only do you get to be recognized by LinkedIn as one of it's top of influencers, but you also get the highly exclusive blue badge that tells everyone landing on your profile that you're a bonafide thought leader.

Ever wondered how you can get a seat at the table with the other influencers?

In this guide, we take a look at how you can become a LinkedIn Top Voice and how it can help with your LinkedIn marketing.

It's not as difficult as you think.

What is a LinkedIn Top Voice?

Every year LinkedIn teams up with data scientists to determine which users have left mark on the platform.

They sift through a lot of profiles looking for thought leaders that have had massive engagements, insightful content, and audiences that they have inspired and motivated with valuable content.

Think of it as LinkedIn's top award for influencers tha have made a difference.

Now, not everyone is eligible to be a LinkedIn Top Voice.

Although they don't necessarily publish a criteria, there are a couple of things that LinkedIn Top Voices have in common:

  • They publish regularly on LinkedIn, this is usually a combination of mixed media posts and LinkedIn articles.
  • They have a significant following and usually have creator accounts on to maximize the openess of their profiles.
  • Engagement statistics are usually through the roof – we've seen this firsthand at BAMF – these are users that really talk and interact with their followers.
  • Activity level is often high, this means that there's an action almost everyday with their account.
  • They get a lot of views as a result of a lot of their posts going viral (this is partly powered by all the engagements they get).

And, finally and most importantly:

  • They only publish content that is considered valuable by their audiences.

Becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice isn't impossible, but it isn't easy either.

Take for example our client, Prince Ea.

Prince Ea, One of LinkedIn's New Top Voices

Prince Ea is one of our popular clients.

He's had millions of views on YouTube and he's steadily leveraged LinkedIn to take his business, Viral Impact Studios, to the next level.

But, apart from that, he's also an artist, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and a person who really cares about inspiring others.

Recently, his profile received the coveted blue LinkedIn badge indicating that he's now been recognized as one of LinkedIn's Top Voices.

linkedin top voice, How To Be a Linkedin Top Voice (And, Get the Blue Badge!)

But, it took him a lot of effort to get this far.

Regardless of his popularity on other platforms, he had to build his foundation on LinkedIn from the ground up.

And, we mean this literally.

To read more about Prince Ea, check out his case study here.

In 2020, when we first started working with Prince, he had views, but nowhere near influencer level.

If you look at the graph, maintaining a few thousand views was really difficult at the beginning.

linkedin top voice, How To Be a Linkedin Top Voice (And, Get the Blue Badge!)

As we started to leverage his voice on the platform, his view count started rising until we were averaging at least a million LinkedIn views a month last year.

He ended 2020 with close to 12.5 million aggregate views.

How did we do it?


We helped him create content that was forward-thinking, valuable and full of insights for his audience.

Combined with his unique voice and his digital persona, we were able to maintain the momentum and continue growin his following – and also, his business at the same time.

We made sure that he was engaging with people, posting fresh ideas and content, being active on platform, and leading the way in his industry.

Before we knew it, we got word.

Prince Ea officially earned the right to be one of the Top Voices and he got the blue badge that almost everyone is aiming for.

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How Do I Become a LinkedIn Top Voice?

Here's one thing you need to know:

It's achievable.

But, it doesn't happen overnight.

It takes some time.

In Prince's case, about a year.

Here's what you need.


Content for the sake of content doesn't work.

Ask yourself this:

How are you contributing to the lives of your audience?

The most important thing that you have to consider in your quest for the blue badge and Top Voice membership is value.

You need to beproviding value to the people that follow you.

This doesn't mean that you should be giving things away, but rather inspiring thought leadership and helping people be better at what they're doing.

There are a lot of things that go into the consideration for value:

  • Are you posting things that are relevant?
  • Are you inspiring the people that follow you?
  • What new information are you contributing to your industry?
  • How are you helping people with your posts?
  • Are you utilizing the LinkedIn platform to the fullest?

If you can answer all these questions in full, then you're halfway through your quest to be a LinkedIn Top Voice.

Here's the other thing.

Value also guarantees engagements, and engagements help build momentum for your posts to go viral.

Since LinkedIn considers engagements and views as the basis for the LinkedIn Top Voices distinction, all of thes factors play hand-in-hand in potentially getting you a spot.


The blue badge and the LinkedIn Top Voices distinction is still a Linkedin award.

Basically that means you need to be active on the platform.

We're talking about being able to post a couple of times a week, enaging with your audience, and making sure that you are undoubtedly a thought leader on the platform.

Although LinkedIn won't tell you how active you should be, visiting LinkedIn and interacting with people on the weekdays at least should do the trick.

It would help for you to have content that's ready to publish and a strategy for pubishing content.

At BAMF, we work with out clients so that they can even secure time where they can be active in answering comments on the platform.


Anyone can post content.

And, almost anyone can go viral.

But, what sets your voice apart from "anyone"?

We've worked with a lot of people, and we've found that each voice is unique.

We know that each voice can be tweaked to make sure that they're more appealing to their audience.

Want to know which voices appeal the most?

Those that have their own personality.

When you write in your own voice, you give people reading your content a glimpse into your world. This adds a layer of storytelling and depth to whatever it is you're releasing.

This is part of what makes a voice a "Top Voice" on LinkedIn.


Real thought leaders talk to their followers.

They answer questions, ask their own, make suggestions, give advice, interact and even say "hello".

It's this type of engagement that helps LinkedIn's editorial team determine if you can be a LinkedIn Top Voice on their platform.

Here's the thing.

Engagement isn't just something that should be done because you want the blue badge.

You should genuinely care about your audience.

And as we mentioned earlier engagement = momentum, so the LinkedIn algorithm is essentially rewarding you for being caring!

You Need to Build a Reputation

Building a reputation takes time, but it's the foundation of all of your efforts on LinkedIn.

It translates to better reception of your posts, more leads coming thorugh passively – and actively through outreach, and of course, better trust signals.

You do this by improving on your profile and making sure that the content you release isn't just about self-promotion, but rather a way of helping people help themselves.

How Can the LinkedIn Blue Badge Help Me?

Think of the badge as a trust signal.

It tells people that are on your profile that LinkedIn has officially vouched for you as someone that they should be paying attention to.

This increases the value of your profile and allows you access to more collaborations and more followers.

People follow people that they can trust.

And, the blue badge is one of the biggest indicators that you should be trusted.

This also means a potential increase in sales since people would rather work with someone who's been verified on LinkedIn that with someone that's not.

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How About the Gold LinkedIn Badge?

The Gold LinkedIn badge that you’ll see with a lot of influencers that you’re familiar with isn’t really a sign of LinkedIn verification, it just means that a person is using a LinkedIn Premium account

Find out about LinkedIn premium accounts in our guide here.

But, here’s what.

That gold badge actually carries a lot of weight.

For people who are familiar with what it is, it tells them that the owner of the profile has actually invested a lot of time in LinkedIn, and is there on a “professional” capacity.

Also, we’ve got to admit, that gold badge looks good.

(Not as pretty as the blue one, sadly.)


Getting the blue LinkedIn badge and being recognized as one of LinkedIn Top Voices is great.

But, let's not forget one crucial thing.

It's just a reward for you what you should be doing on LinkedIn in the first place.

If you want to make a difference in your outreach, views and your revenue, you should take the points in this guide and follow them.

Not because you want to be a LinkedIn Top Voice.

But, because you want to make a difference in the lives of the people that follow you.

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