Getting Instagram followers can be a difficult task. Let us simplify it!

For example, if you want thousands of founders in Los Angeles to follow you, then you can do that with these five steps:

  1. Use the Chrome extension, Linked Helper, to connect with them at scale on LinkedIn with personalized messaging.
  2. Now export your LinkedIn connections and separate the emails tied to founders from a particular locality. You can enrich this data using Clearbit or FullContact to pull the city data.
  3. Get a VA to find thousands of targeted Facebook profiles

Ask the VA to cross-check their name on Facebook with their LinkedIn profile.
Next, use a Facebook friend auto-adder like Mass Planner (can also do it manually or using a VA) to connect with their profiles at scale based on their Facebook URLs.
Once you connect to them on Facebook, Instagram will then prompt you to follow them.

  1. Unfollow everyone who doesn’t follow you back after several days

If you’ve developed enough rapport with these people through content and conversation, then you’ll have a high follow-back ratio.

  1. Secret sauce

Post many beautiful pictures on your Instagram of local landmarks. Your target prospects will love the content – it will trigger a strong, positive emotional response because people have a high affinity towards their city.]]>