April 04, 2019

Get Emails from Facebook Groups in Five Minutes

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Written by Houston
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media

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Are you in an urgent need of emails from Facebook Groups? Let us see how to get in five minutes!

Step 1: Use the Chrome extension from https://growthers.io/ to export Facebook Group members and their company name.

Step 2: Find the company domain using Toofr or Hunter.io’s domain discovery tool. You may also use Blockspring’s Google Sheet Add-On with Bing Web Search API.

1. Toofr:

BAMF How to Get Emails from Facebook Groups Article Image

2.Get Email Domains Using Blockspring & Bing Web Search API:

1.Register for Blockspring Google Sheet Add-On (15$/month, or 14 day trial)

2.Get Bing Web Search API key (1,000 calls / month for $3.65)

   a.Pricing: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/cognitive-services/search-api/

3.Connect Bing Web Search API key with Block Spring account under Secrets & Tokens:

BAMF How to Get Emails from Facebook Groups Article Image

4.Open the Google Sheet : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q0gSTmfNnLkbBdDhr4ftZ3gCe1L-Eu79ZbD1xN-6kYE/copy

5.Open Blockspring -> Add-Ons -> Blockspring

6.Follow instructions in the Google Sheet. Bing might bug and say you’re out of queries, while you still have, then just try again. It also seems like they are replacing their API system for a new one 31/3/2017.  

Step 3: Once you have the domains, then process the data to find their emails using the FindThatLead, Clearbit, or Hunter.io Google Sheet Add-On.

All the add-ons look relatively the same. My preference of choice is FindThatLead based on its competitive pricing and email deliverability rate:

BAMF How to Get Emails from Facebook Groups Article Image


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BAMF Get Emails from Facebook Groups in Five Minutes
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