Facebook Ads & Pixeling for Startups

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Facebook Ads & Pixeling for Startups

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Written by Houston Golden
May 9, 2017
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How to not waste money on Facebook Ads (startup edition):

  1. Not enough customers or extended product usage to target a custom audience based on a high CLV?

Then design your Facebook pixel to fire after thirty or forty seconds.
Note: the new pixel will let you do this, but if you want a custom # of seconds, then do it this way.
Here's how:
Copy your Facebook pixel code, but only the part that is between <script> and </script> tags.
Place your Facebook pixel code into this updated code:
<!-- Start of the new delayed Facebook pixel code -->
Place your Facebook pixel code here instead of this bold text
}, 40000);
<!-- End of the new delayed Facebook pixel code -->
Place this new delayed code on your website.
"You can also achieve this through integrating Google Tag Manager. I'd recommend creating a custom event (or any relevant standard event...), firing that event with a delayed timer, and then creating a custom audience based on that standard/custom event." - Thomas Mead

  1. Use LinkedIn automation tools, including GPZ LinkedIn Tools to expand your network, then export your contacts to get their emails. Use these emails as a custom audience.

-This only works if you're active with publishing highly viewed LinkedIn content.

  1. Use a picture with an influencer in your ad, then target their fan page

Interview a relevant industry influencer off the promise you can get 6,000+ views on the video. Upload the video of the talk to Facebook, then pay $30 - $40 in advertising to get 6,000+ views by targeting their fan page and maybe a couple of more interests to ensure the audience loves this influencer.
Now, take an image from your video, then use it as an ad with a strong CTA for a relevant lead magnet. For the audience, retarget people who viewed the video and loyal fans of the influencer.

  1. Use ClickMeter to place a retargeting pixel in the links you share on social
  2. Use video to create a retargeting audience from an entertaining video, then retarget them with short educational Facebook ads. Next, follow-up with strong CTA ads for a lead magnet. For the audience, retarget those who viewed the educational videos. Then, dial-in your audience by testing R.O.I based on the number of seconds viewed.
  1. Use Useturbo.com to set up ad sequencing for new trial users in a couple of minutes (beta). Ask Dominick for more details.
  2. Turn Facebook Group work emails into Gmails

Use Growthers.io to get member data from a Facebook Group (i.e. name, company name). Then use Toofr or Hunter to find their work emails. Next, use LeadIQ or another similar tool to get their Gmails.]]>

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