Email Format to Join Facebook Group

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Written by Houston Golden
May 9, 2017
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How could you make someone join facebook group? I will share what I do! I send them an email!

Facebook Group Email:
Subject: You were referred to Founders & Marketers
Hey {{First name}}
One of our Los Angeles members referred you to our Marketers & Founders Facebook Group (we have about 300 members in Los Angeles).
I happen to run one of the largest marketing communities in Silicon Valley (1800+ members) and the Facebook Group (4100+ members).
The Marketers & Founders Facebook Group is moderated by a few of the best, so it’s invite only.
Our moderators:

  1. Will Bunker, founder of and GrowthX, a 50-mil VC firm
  2. Kumar Thangudu, founded three SaaS companies, and a top writer on Quora
  3. Me 🙂 Past head of growth for 22Social, UpOut, and now, GrowthX

You can join the Marketers and Founders Facebook Group here:
If you want to know more info, feel free to reply.
Josh Fechter
Head of Growth
GrowthX Academy, a World-Class Growth Marketing Community]]>

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