Do You Practice Data Scraping From Different Websites?

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Written by Houston Golden
May 10, 2017
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Did you know many startups use scraping to retrieve thousands of leads every day? Scraping is the process of “crawling” through a website to collect data from different pages. This data includes name, email, images, and almost any other element on a web page. Manually, this process can take days or even weeks to complete. You can get your hands on data at scale from online directories, social networks, and e-commerce websites with only several clicks. Many scrapers require custom code. If you’re not a developer, then a couple of scraping tools can help you get up to expert speed. Before we dive into the tools, know scraping is a powerful way to retrieve leads but can sometimes result in negative outcomes. For example, if you scrape a site for too much data, they may ban you. This is a common practice. If you’re ready, begin with This tool increases in price as you perform more search queries, but retains a bulk discount. BAMF Data Scraping Article is a quick way to setup your scraper to pull from not just a single page on a website, but thousands. You can even set the scraping to take place at different intervals in time and to pull image URLs. With this tactic in your toolbox, you could begin scraping pages of Airbnb or Eventbrite tomorrow to create spreadsheets of rent deals and the latest events.

The Magic of Scrapebox may be the best way to extract immediate data from web pages, but Scrapebox ($97) is king for collecting the finer details. BAMF Data Scraping Article Scrapebox is the most multi-functional scraper including everything from bulk downloading YouTube videos to having a mass contact form submitter. Other features include finding emails from websites and Google search, keyword scraping, comment scraping, and phone number scraping. Because this tool has many functions, it’s best to understand your desired outcome before you spend a week figuring out every option. If you’re looking to improve your SEO, Scrapebox can help you with its ability to extract thousands of URLs from over thirty search engines relevant to keywords and niches you specify. The tool also has a keyword scraper enabling you to find thousands of relevant keywords using Google Suggest and other suggest services. Scraping is one of the most powerful ways to jumpstart your business. No more spending endless hours copying and pasting data from your website. Instead, you’ll be off to the races with automation to get the exact data you need. This begs the question: What will you do it?]]>
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