The 13 Best Chrome Extensions for Growth Hackers in 2018

Want the best Chrome extensions for growth hackers?

With thousands of Chrome extensions to look through, it’s hard to identify which ones will work the best.

And a week later, you’re not using most of them anymore.

No worries.

I did the hard work for you.

After writing hundreds of growth hacking guides, here’s my list of the best Chrome extensions for growth hackers in 2018:

1. Loom

I found Loom when I wanted to create a tutorial for our Facebook Group, Badass Marketers & Founders. I wanted something easier than the video editing software Camtasia and Screenflow. What I found was a Chrome extension that enabled me to share videos instantly.

With Loom, you can capture your screen, record your front-facing camera, and narrate your video all at once — no switching apps or upload required. Whether it’s training new teammates or replying to a customer inquiry, Loom enhances the way people communicate.

2. Mixmax

I stumbled upon Mixmax when I was the head of growth for UpOut, an event subscription marketplace. My CEO, Sam Ho, had been using the tool and asked me to check it out. After a few minutes, I fell in love. It’d save me hours in email management every week. If you’re in sales, customer success, or a busy founder spending their day in email, then this tool is for you.

Favorite features:

-Track opens, clicks, and downloads with read receipts

-Know exactly who opens your message and when, even in group messages

-Schedule meetings instantly

-Share availability and set up meetings painlessly with Google calendar integration

-Write faster and better with templates

-Create and save templates to reuse again and again

-We’ll also show analytics for opens, clicks, downloads, and replies so that you know how well your templates perform

-Personalize bulk emails instantly with mail merge

-Send hundreds of personalized emails in minutes with mail merge. Send directly from Gmail, so emails end up in recipients’ Primary tab.

-Snooze and set reminders

-Never forget an appointment conversation.

-Embed polls and surveys

-Easily add polls and surveys to your emails to get focused responses from your recipients.

3. Calendly

Mixmax can feel a bit overwhelming. If you’re busy with only meetings, then you might just need a simple link to have people select a time on your calendar. This is my go-to tool for that purpose. I discovered Calendly when someone had sent me a link to book a time on their calendar via Facebook chat.

Curious about the technology, I went ahead and Googled it.

Favorite features:

-Invitees schedule individual slots

-Allow multiple invitees to schedule the same slot

-Meetings are automatically distributed among multiple team members

-Display your entire company/department’ss availability on one convenient page

-Allow your customers to schedule directly from your website by embedding your Calendly page

-Works with your Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar so you’re never double booked

-Integrate with Salesforce, GoToMeeting,, Zapier, Slack, and Mailchimp

4. Linked Helper

When I found out you could build a remarketing list by exporting your LinkedIn connections’ emails, I knew I had to do one thing: connect to people on LinkedIn at scale. This led me discovering Linked Helper, the tool that can send thousands of connection requests every week for you plus a whole lot more.

Favorite features:

-Send personalized invitations to 2nd & 3rd contacts


-Sequential Messaging to 1st connections or LinkedIn Group Members

-Automatic Profiles Visiting & Export to CSV file (Google Sheets / MS Excel)

-Auto-endorse connections at scale

-Automatically withdraw sent pending invitations (invites canceller)

-Powerful Lists manager – allows to build your own lead generation funnel and avoid intersections between campaigns

5. Dux-Soup

I found Dux-Soup when I wanted to get LinkedIn Profile URLs at scale, then have a virtual assistant run through them to collect profile data. It’s a lightweight version of Linked Helper.

Favorite features:

-Auto-visit profiles

-Auto-invite with a personalized message

-Auto-message 1st-degree connections

-Auto-endorse connections

-Visit any list of profiles

-Auto-skip previously visited profiles

-Tag any profile

-Search tagged profiles

-Auto-tag profiles

-Download Visited Profile-Data as CSV

6. SimilarWeb

I found SimilarWeb when I wanted to analyze companies before I talked to them on sales calls. The tool enables me to gain a high-level insight into any website’s statistics and strategy with the click of a button. I can see data about the company from traffic levels, traffic sources, bounce rate, visitor location, referral sources, and keywords they optimize for.

7. Scrapely

I found Scrapely from Giles de Clerk, a fellow growth hacker.

With this tool, you can scrape Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and Product Hunt. The tool is relatively easy to use. Just plug-in your Google Sheet editable URL, then the tab name where you’d like the data to appear.

It even works in a new window, so you can continue using Chrome.

This way you can even scrape multiple things at once 😉

8. News Feed Eradicator

Find yourself spending too much time on Facebook and LinkedIn? Eradicate distractions by replacing your entire news feed with an inspiring quote from yours truly.

This is the only News Feed Eradicator that works for both LinkedIn and Facebook.

You’ll gain hours of your week back within a few seconds.

To get the Chrome extension, download it here.

Unzip the file, then upload the folder in your Chrome extension area in your browser. Then select developer mode. Now it’s running. The next step is to right click your News Feed. You’ll now have an option to “Enable Quote Mode.” Select it to remove your news feed. Enjoy a more focused browsing experience.

9. Nimbus Screenshot

I found Nimbus Screenshot when I wanted to create more how-to blog post tutorials.

It’s the everything screenshot tool.

Favorite features:

-Screen capture entire web pages or any part

-Edit screenshots

-Record screencasts – record video from your screen

– Create your own drawing or model from scratch on your screenshot

– You can draw on video recordings as well

– Paste different patterns and text boxes to your screenshot

– Resize and crop your screenshot

– Add arrows and stickers to your screenshot

– Highlight text on your screenshot

– Comment on your screenshots and screencasts

10. Clearbit

I found Clearbit when I wanted to reach out to event speakers at scale.

Clearbit enables you to find email addresses for any company and displays useful contextual data for anyone who emails you. Directly within Gmail’s window, simply select the Clearbit icon and you have 100 credits to get anyone’s email you want.

11. Yahoo Contacts Extractor

I created this tool when I wanted to bootstrap a targeted custom audience. The tool allows me to export all the emails of my Facebook friends so I can market to them.

To get the Chrome extension, click here to access the Zip file. Then watch the video tutorial with the folder on how to implement it.

In a few minutes, you’ll be running ads to your friends.

12. Facebook Auto Adder

I created this tool when I wanted to have a Facebook network with high-level founders and VCs in it. I scraped thousands of targeted Facebook profile URLs from Angellist, then I put them into the Chrome extension below to auto-send friend requests. This tool works great with Chrome extension #11 because you can easily remarket any of your new connections with ads.

You can download the Facebook Auto Adder Chrome extension here.

Again, make sure to watch the tutorial on how to use it.

13. ContactOut

I found ContactOut when I wanted to create a Facebook custom audience from LinkedIn members. The problem is most growth hacking tools will return a work email address, not a personal one. And you often need a personal one for a Facebook custom audience. This tool solves the problem to an extent. It provides you 50 credits a month. One credit = the details of someone LinkedIn profile including their personal email and phone number.

The trick?

Create a ton of accounts so you can scrape personal email addresses at scale.

Turn Up the Dial and Focus

With many Chrome extensions, it can get overwhelming to learn and implement. Before you decide to download all thirteen of them, make sure they’ll help you with your projects.

Once you’ve locked them down, it’s time to take your growth hacking skills up several notches. No more manual exercises when you can use Chrome extensions to automate your workflow and free up countless hours every week.