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12 Tips to Become a Keynote Speaker as a Founder
June 16, 2019

In the last several years, I've hosted over one hundred events for entrepreneurs.

I've spoken at another twenty startup and tech events often as a keynote speaker.

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Establish your multimillion-dollar company within a year
May 20, 2019

Establishing a multimillion-dollar company isn't that difficult! But we aren't taking it lightly. So here are the steps of how you could make it!

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Entrepreneurs and Hummingbirds, what is the similarity?
May 18, 2019

Who are good entrepreneurs?? I almost collided with a hummingbird on my morning jog. I froze in my tracks, the pointy beak inches from my eyeballs.

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How We Built And Growth Hacked an Elite Membership for Founders
May 2, 2019

In the last month, we drove 30,000 visitors to my personal website and BAMF Media. Yes, it happened because we did something different, we offered membership.

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What I Learned Shutting Down a $240,000 Membership to Scale
April 28, 2019

Four months ago, I launched a membership.
I sold twenty slots at $1,500/month in the first several weeks.

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The Magic Of Color, Fonts, Headlines
April 21, 2019

What could be the color, fonts, and headlines??
5 Essential Elements

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How to Get Press for Your Startup in 2020 with PR Hacking
March 20, 2019

Step by step guide on how to get your startup, brand, or product talked about across top publications from TechCrunch to Time. Traffic. Backlinks. Customers. All at your fingertips.

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Richard Branson Is Launching A New Music Festival. Here’s Why That’s A Genius Marketing Move
November 8, 2018

Last month, Richard Branson — CEO, mogul, and billionaire — announced that he will be launching a new venture: a two-day music festival to be held in the United States.

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How Athletes Have Removed The Middle Man To Build Their Own Brands
October 30, 2018

Athletes have long been the face of brands.
In fact, they’ve long been more than that — they’ve been the soul of brands.

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