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How I Reached Over 100 Million Views on LinkedIn
November 20, 2017

We know how badly you want those posts views because we’ve been there before. But, there is a way to get them, there is a way to write better copy, and there is a way to drive that traffic to your site.

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Reverse Engineer LinkedIn for Predictable Virality
October 2, 2017

Over the last several months, we've seen the rise of viral LinkedIn posts. Millions of views, comments, and website visitors. Are you getting your slice? To get ours, we took a scientific approach. We immersed ourselves in the data. Rather than relying on hunches, we wanted to know at what point you can consider a post viral. How many Likes or Comments does it take? And in what period? With enough data, we discovered the magic number - here's how:

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How We Launched, Designed, and Automated an Elite Membership for Founders | BAMF Media
September 18, 2017

What is social selling? It's using social media to build relationships with your prospects. And it's the foundation of our membership.

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8 Killer LinkedIn Hacks to Generate More Leads and Go Viral
September 11, 2017

Viral posts are integral to your growth hacking strategy.  If you want people to notice you, then you have to be seen. What if we told you that your virality on the platform can be measured and that you can growth hack LinkedIn?

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How to Get Emails from Facebook Groups
September 7, 2017

Use your buyer persona to find your customers on Facebook. Find out what groups they are in and list the relevant ones in a Google Sheet.

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Facebook Ad Script for Liking Your Page
September 7, 2017

How to automagically invite 15,000 people to like your page every month  Outside of Groups, using your business Facebook page is a great way to build a following around your brand.

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How to Double Your Email Reply Rate With One Simple LinkedIn Trick
September 4, 2017

Once we scrape all their profile information, we save it in a Google Drive sheet. Then we upload the list of LinkedIn URLs into my auto-connector Chrome extension. From there, we start sending connection requests to all these individuals approximately three days before sending emails to them

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The Magic LinkedIn Number & It's Effects
August 3, 2017

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The Growth Hacker’s Guide to Chrome Extensions
February 23, 2017

Wish you knew the best growth hacking Chrome extensions?
You search through thousands only to find several which may help you. You try them out to then get left with only one that solves a pain point.

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