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BAMF Academy is designed to supercharge your growth through proven strategies and tactics from the industry leaders in growth.

  • How we hack LinkedIn to generate million of article views, thousands of new connections, and millions worth of warm leads for our clients.

  • The exclusive PR methods that helped our clients land placements in CNN, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, the Huffington Post, and many more.

  • Secret techniques used by mega-influencers to scale their followers by thousands each week.

  • The viral marketing techniques behind the success of companies like Dropbox.

  • How to dramatically increase your close rate on sales calls.

  • Innovative ad targeting techniques that enable our team to achieve lower cost per acquisition than typical targeting allows.

Our clients say it best... 

They know how to strike an emotional chord-- my first post they wrote got 50X more views and engagement than anything I'd posted before. Highly recommend BAMF to any professional who wants to put rocket fuel on their personal brand or get press through LinkedIn.

Vishen Lakhiani
Founder & CEO, Mindvalley
We’ve been at this for 4 years, working with big ad agencies to really smart PhD digital marketers, and so far BAMF is the only group that’s driven ROI in digital marketing for us.

Growth hacking is a new industry and a new wave where they are the old hats.

Nick Black
Founder & CEO, Good United
BAMF is a small but powerful team. When I needed a full-service agency to launch my new brand, BEAR, and blow our crowdfunding campaign out of the water-- one of my advisors recommend I get in touch with Houston.

Max Baumann
Founder & CEO, JustChill, BEAR, & Basemakers | BAMF Advisor
BAMF has been an invaluable partner for me on multiple product launches from enterprise SaaS to mobile apps.

When I first met Houston, and he shared some of the PR stunts, growth hacks, and viral marketing they were doing at BAMF, I was pretty blown away... and I don't say that often! Instantly, I knew they were on to something big. 

Randy Adams
Co-Founder & CTO, Funny Or Die & NeXT (with Steve Jobs) | BAMF Advisor
They are at the forefront of growth marketing-- especially with their LinkedIn Influencer program, which has been so disruptive to the platform. 

It's crazy to see how much traction they get for their clients on a consistent basis.

Eric Siu
CEO, SingleGrain, MarketingSchool, & ClickFlow | BAMF Advisor
BAMF has helped to establish myself as one of the top venture capital-connected CEOs, connecting me to thousands of targeted investors every month on LinkedIn.

We’ve been so successful working with the BAMF team over the years that recommending them is a No-Brainer.

Ryan Rafols
Founder & CEO, Newchip
BAMF is the best digital agency / media company in the world. If you do not believe me then contact them and see for yourself. And, if you’re the competition, then start running for the hills…. they will crush you!

Steve O'Dell
Co-Founder & CEO, Tenzo Tea
We partnered with BAMF six months ago to grow our brand from nothing. We had a startup company. They increased our business contacts. They increased our media contacts, our press contacts, and since then we have grown into a fully-fledged company.

If you are a company looking to grow your brand, I highly recommend that you hop on a call with BAMF, and get it done.

Jeff Houkal
Founder & CEO, Xymetric & Invincibowl
Houston has a very unique expertise. He has mastered lead generation, and uses unique and innovative techniques to do this. 

Would highly recommend him, if you need a lead generation / marketing guru.

Ron Miller
Chairman of the Board, StartEngine

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To achieve the best possible results, you should treat BAMF Training as a learning portal to learn the best growth strategies and tactics available today, and a community support group where you can test out ideas and get expert advice.

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Are all the tools included?

  • We are not able to provide access to all the tools that we mention in the course. That being said, we try to keep the costs associated minimal so you can have fantastic ROI.

Can I pay for the course, download content and ask for a refund?

  • So...no. Because of the nature of what we offer, there are no refunds. That being said, if you join with the monthly option you can cancel at any time.

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