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Learn how I growth hacked my LinkedIn from 4k followers to 30k+ followers and managed to reach over 10M people in less than 3 months.

LinkedIn Growth Hacking Masterclass

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Build your personal brand & sell your info products.

Generate unlimited free leads from LinkedIn all automated.

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We lead growth sessions at Y Combinator. We’ve taken clients from no revenue to millions in ARR. We’ve turned businesses around and gotten them to their next round of funding.

W1D1: Growth Strategy with DemandCurve

What Growth Strategy Really Is

Finding your target audience

The Myth of Press, PR and Virality

Value Props & Acquiring Users

4.9 Average Rating | 1,439 Students

What You'll Learn

BAMF Academy is designed to supercharge your growth through proven strategies and tactics from the industry leaders in growth.

  • How we hack LinkedIn to generate million of article views, thousands of new connections, and millions worth of warm leads for our clients.

  • The exclusive PR methods that helped our clients land placements in CNN, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, the Huffington Post, and many more.

  • Secret techniques used by mega-influencers to scale their followers by thousands each week.

  • The viral marketing techniques behind the success of companies like Dropbox.

  • How to dramatically increase your close rate on sales calls.

  • Innovative ad targeting techniques that enable our team to achieve lower cost per acquisition than typical targeting allows.

Mark Aramli

Founder & CEO, BedJet

"BAMF got me featured in Buzzfeed, Techcrunch, Inc, Entrepreneur, CNN, Digital Trends, Hubspot, and more."

Ben Lee 

Founder, Rootstrap

“BAMF Media helped me book deals with top Executives from Google, Walmart, and VaynerMedia.

Chad Carrodus

Co-Founder & COO, GoWithMe

"I don't blow smoke and I certainly don't write unwarranted reviews, but BAMF comes with my highest recommendation."



  • Instant access to our entire training library, with new material added every month

  • Access to our exclusive Slack community

  • Live Q&A
  • Instant access to our entire training library, with new material added every week

  • Access to our exclusive Slack community

  • Live Q&A

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When does the course start and finish?

  • The course starts now, and the first months content is already live. Each month, one new module will be released.

What do I need to watch the lessons?

  • You can access the lessons from almost any device via our learning portal.

Are all the tools included?

  • We are not able to provide access to all the tools that we mention in the course. That being said, we try to keep the costs associated minimal so you can have fantastic ROI.

Can I pay for the course, download content and ask for a refund?

  • So...no. Because of the nature of what we offer, there are no refunds. That being said, if you join with the monthly option you can cancel at any time.

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