30+ Tactics for Customer Activation

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Written by Houston
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
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Hey there, here is a quick list of 30+ tactics for customer activation. Have a look!
  1. Use the Fear of Missing Out to Trigger Purchasing (Fomo).
  2. Segment Users Based on their Primary Pain Point (time, money, social validation).
  3. Use Surveys to Segment Your Audience (Survey Monkey, JotForm, Google Forms).
  4. Follow New Leads on Instagram and Twitter.
  5. Send New Leads a Personalized Message and Connection on LinkedIn. Ping FullContact, use script to clean data, and a custom tool to auto connect with messages.
  6. Segment Leads Based on Blogs Posts Viewed.
  7. Segment Leads Based on What Social Channels They Follow You On (Audiense).
  8. Use Drip Sequences with Social Interaction Triggers  to Increase Conversion Rates.
  9. Use Trip Wires to Get People in the Habit of Purchasing from You.
  10. Throw Offline and Online Events for Only New Leads.
  11. Use SMS Text for Following-Up with New Leads (Autopilot).
  12. Follow-Up Email for Leads Who Visit Purchase Page.
  13. Follow-Up Email for Leads Who Add to Cart.
  14. Facebook Ad Retargeting for Leads Who Visit Purchase Page.
  15. Facebook Ad Retargeting for Leads Who Add to Cart.
    Some more to go!
  16. Google AdWords Retargeting for Leads Who Visit Purchase Page.
  17. Google AdWords Retargeting for Leads Who Add to Cart.
  18. YouTube Video Retargeting for Leads Who Visit Purchase Page.
  19. YouTube Video Retargeting for Leads Who Add to Cart.
  20. Use Scarcity in Your Offer.
  21. Use Customer Testimonials in Your Retargeting Ads.
  22. Integrate Live Chat on Your Site (Intercom, Drift).
  23. Optimize Your Website & Forms Using Heatmaps (Hotjar).
  24. Use Optimizely for Conversion Rate Optimization.
  25. Use Paperless Post for a Better Onboarding Experience.
  26. Turn Your Leads into Referrers with Viral Marketing Software (Queue).
  27. Automate Syncing with Custom Audiences for Message Segmentation (driftrock).
  28. Connect Your Demo Leads  with Slack and Email (Zapier).
  29. Integrate Clearbit and Full Contact API for Social Discovery of Your Leads.
  30. Never Miss a Birthday or Holiday Email for Providing a Gift.
  31. In-Depth Customer Case Studies for Products with a High Price Point.
  32. Personal Email Outreach from the Founder of the Company (1st Email in Drip Sequence).
  33. Mixing Current Customers with Leads Using Facebook Groups, Slack Communities, and Events.

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The name’s Houston Golden. I’m the Founder & CEO of BAMF ― a company I’ve grown from $0 (yes, really) to well over $4M in revenue over a span of 3 years.
How did I do it? Well, it’s quite simple, really. I’ve helped hundreds of business owners and executives get major traction (because when they win, we win). I tell you how on this blog.
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