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The LinkedIn Influencer Service

The ultimate program to start making actual revenue through Linkedin for your business. Become an industry leader by starting today.

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Our results speak for themselves.

They know how to strike an emotional chord-- my first post they wrote got 50X more views and engagement than anything I'd posted before. Highly recommend BAMF to any professional who wants to put rocket fuel on their personal brand or get press through LinkedIn.
Vishen Lakhiani
Founder & CEO, Mindvalley
They are at the forefront of growth marketing-- especially with their LinkedIn Influencer program, which has been so disruptive to the platform.

It's crazy to see how much traction they get for their clients on a consistent basis.
Eric Siu
CEO, SingleGrain, MarketingSchool, & ClickFlow | BAMF Advisor
BAMF is the best digital agency / media company in the world.

 If you do not believe me then contact them and see for yourself. 

And, if you’re the competition, then start running for the hills…. they will crush you!
Steve O'Dell
Co-Founder & CEO, Tenzo Tea
We’ve been at this for 4 years, working with big ad agencies to really smart PhD digital marketers, and so far BAMF is the only group that’s driven ROI in digital marketing for us.

Growth hacking is a new industry and a new wave where they are the old hats.
Nick Black
Founder & CEO, Good United
BAMF is a small but powerful team. 

When I needed a full-service agency to launch my new brand, BEAR, and blow our crowdfunding campaign out of the water-- one of my advisors recommend I get in touch with Houston.
Max Baumann
Founder & CEO, JustChill, BEAR, & Basemakers | BAMF Advisor
Houston has a very unique expertise. He has mastered lead generation, and uses unique and innovative techniques to do this.

Would highly recommend him, if you need a lead generation / marketing guru.
Ron Miller
Chairman of the Board, StartEngine
LinkedIn Bible

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Our Growth Hacking Process:



First, we’ll hone in on your unique value proposition, target vertical, and market. This way, we’ll get a crystal clear idea of who your prospects are, and the best way to reach them.


Next, we’ll create smart, tested, and high-ROI growth marketing campaigns that work. Our goal? To hit the ground running and get you the quickest wins that truly move the needle.


Then, we’ll run data-driven conversion experiments to boost the effectiveness of all acquisition campaigns — hyper-focusing on driving user acquisition costs down and LTV up.


Once we’re all dialed in, it’s time to scale these campaigns to the moon. We’ll double down on initiatives that work to get you that oh-so-juicy ROI. Being a business badass has never been this easy.

A letter from BAMF's Founder

If you’re reading this, you are likely considering joining our LinkedIn Influencer service. Congrats on this major milestone in your personal and business growth.

It’s important you realize that by doing so, you’ll become part of an elite community of founders, executives, and thought leaders that dominate LinkedIn.

Our clients have amassed over 370 million organic views to date, and have generated tens of millions in new revenue with our help.

Without a doubt, our clients are the most viewed people on LinkedIn. If you’ve spent any time at all on LinkedIn, you’ve seen their posts.

BAMF is known as the world’s leading LinkedIn marketing agency for a reason— we get results. In fact, we’ve spent years running experiments, refining our techniques and have now perfected a process that allows us to quickly generate leads and virality.

Not only can we grow your followers with people in your target market, but we’ll also manage your inbox, identify the best prospects, and nurture leads to book sales calls on your behalf.

The end result? More leads, more appointments, more sales, and real growth for your business.

I’ve used it myself. I’ve used it to help hundreds of other entrepreneurs. 

Now I’d like to help you, too.

Just reach out to our team and we can get started

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The BAMF mission has always been to empower one million marketers and founders.

At BAMF, we've always had a relentless drive to help others meet and beat their growth goals. Since 2017 we've helped hundreds of business with our in-house services and tens of thousands more with our DIY-friendly growth hacking books and guides and our thriving community of 5,000+ Badass Marketers & Founders. 
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