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Brand Identity Package:


We help create a unique brand that differentiates you from competitors with eye-catching and persuasive visuals and copy.


Our BAMF creatives and strategists will meet with you each week for a month to sharpen your message, enhance your branding, and identify your ideal audience profile, pain points, and value propositions.


CRO Strategy

Our proven CRO strategies are exactly what you need to refine your website experience, lead your customers down the paths you want them to follow, and ultimately save thousands of dollars in monthly ad spend.


Growth Strategy Roadmap

After working with hundreds of different start-ups, we know how to get you ROI and notoriety quickly without breaking the bank.


The first step in any successful business venture is the planning stage. We take an entire month to research, analyze, and then strategize a marketing plan uniquely suited to you and your budget.


We specialize in growing small businesses and complex businesses, so please let us guide you to marketing success!

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PR Hacking

We offer a PR alternative rooted in growth hacking that will get you organic placements in publications, blogs, Facebook groups, podcasts, etc. that will drive brand awareness and explode your SEO.


As the only company anywhere offering this kind of service, it feels pretty cool owning 100% of the market. Other agencies are catching on to what we’re doing but we are still the OG of PR hacking and always will be.


B2B Growth Hacking

We gave away many of our strategies for B2B growth hacking in the BAMF Bibles, but fortunately for our clients, we saved the best ones for them.


B2B Growth hacking is what we hang our hat on, its what we are known for, and its why people come to us to grow their businesses.


Our most popular strategy utilizes a combination of LinkedIn outreach, email, data enrichment, and social media advertising that are all designed to fill up your sales team’s calendars before they get to work in the morning.

Viral Referral Package

The viral referral package is designed to create a viral event through social shares. The most cost-effective form of marketing is viral marketing… and we are the best in the business at it.

Facebook Growth

BAMF grew from a popular Facebook group on growth hacking to one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in Los Angeles. We know exactly how to create a large following and then turn that following into cash.


We grow, manage, and even create content for your burgeoning social profile.


A large Facebook group is the most cost-effective way to raise awareness. The best case study we have for this service is ourselves so let us do for your company what we have done for ours.

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Social Media Advertising

Win this marketing channel with BAMF. At BAMF, you get the full badass experience. Unlike other agencies, we don’t outsource our ad creative or let non-designers create your visuals. We have an experienced in-house graphic design team at your beck and call to ensure your ads look exactly how you want them to.


As a full-service agency, we do a lot more than just strategize campaigns and design ads. We look at your entire sales funnel and offer suggestions related to awareness campaigns, lead generation, website CRO, and any other channel we see missed opportunities.


Search Engine Marketing

People who are searching for your product already want to buy it. Make sure your company is the first one they see.


Facebook ads are getting expensive, they just are… so now is the perfect time to up your Google game.

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We’ve got a team of dedicated, in-house designers, photographers, and videographers to take your business & ad-generated sales to the next level. All of our work is custom — no templates here. Between our killer creative, and on-point media buying strategy, our ads drive ROI like no other. See for yourself!



Website Design

Our creative team will design and develop eye catching, virally optimized landing pages that are custom coded from scratch… that means no templates!


We gather data on every person that visits your website to create a demographic profile that provides hidden insights into who your customers are and why they are buying your product.


Landing Page Design

Let a BAMF Media designer create your landing page and BAMF strategist optimize it. You are losing money every day that you don’t have an optimized landing page.

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LinkedIn Influencer Program

Through the LinkedIn Influencer Program, we help founders become badass influencers by using social media to spread their authentic message to prospects, partners, and fans.


We grow your followers with people and businesses working in your space and interested in your personal message. We then track your new connections to identify your ideal consumer and re-target them across other platforms.


BAMF Influencer Program

The BAMF Influencer program is the big brother of the LinkedIn Influencer program. The goals of this service is create a thought leader and then sell your product on 4 different platforms to your admirers.

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About BAMF.

At BAMF Media, we drive ROI for growing companies using cutting-edge marketing and growth hacking tactics.


We work with recently funded startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies alike, and we have a reputation for LinkedIn growth hacking and for hugely successful viral marketing campaigns.

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